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to crackdown on billionaires linked with former president. who accused of corruption algeria is richest man he said rob rob's was amongst five people arrested on monday. meanwhile highest court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists forty on the regime the crisis followed. were sentenced to seven years in prison after being convicted of breaking man mars official secrets act so far they've served sixteen months. there's bad ones we're back in just under half an hour coming up next the stream speaks to kashmiris about the impact india's election could have on the disputed region if you stay with us if you can't buy for .
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ok in the stream india prime minister narendra modi has promised economic growth and prosperity for all people if he is warning that a party is reelected next month but what does that mean for the just. tell which imo it could be valid today we speak with kashmiris about the first three phases of polling and what this is stuart election could mean for indian administered kashmir want to share your thoughts but them in the chat or tweet us we will do our best to include them in the conversation. i'm a reporter for india and you are in. the first phase of iraq solve a parliamentary elections in the region began on
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a poor eleventh amid calls to boycott what separatist leaders say is an illegitimate exercise and a military occupation other communities have also expressed dissatisfaction dissatisfaction with the election constituencies living in southern kashmir voted on tuesday with a final two faces of. twenty nine and six in its manifesto the b.g.p. included a plan to repeal indian administered kashmir special status which according to modi is an obstacle to economic development government authorities increased security in the region after a suicide attack on paramilitary troops killed forty people but already has also restricted civilian movement along an arterial highway and shut down mobile internet services measures that have not been well received by many kashmiris so how will this huge voting exercise affect people living in the tele trade to help us explore the possibilities in indian administers kashmir. associate
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professor of politics and into the. no relations at the university of westminster or so. dean is a journalist who covers wins issues and conflict in the region. this is a human rights activist and feisal is the president of the jammu and kashmir people's movement party hello everybody for the benefit of our international audience they realize that india is the security elections ongoing right now so big that they're broken down into several parts have a look here my laptop audience you can see jehmu and kashmir the elections are twenty nineteen there are funny phases before you even get a sense of what the results might be but not everybody is voting there is a boycott going on right now kiran can you explain to me why some people say i'm not going to the polls i have not voted. german kashmir is disputed
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territory between india and pakistan and people of kashmir since one nine hundred forty seven have been demanding the right to self-determination and since nine hundred forty seven till now there are many elections held but we have seen that the government of india has always used the elections and legitimize. all of it as an integral part of the you are my root is used. to play internationally that people of kashmir are walking through these domestic elections in a way as. for india well as people of kashmir are voting for a referendum which will determine whether kashmiri people want to be part or whether kashmiri people want to be part of pakistan or whether they want to be an independent country so therefore that's the reason why most of the people have. elections and in last few years we have seen that the intensity of the backboard
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has increased so in last three phases of election also we have seen considerable. good and ishmael had motorbike or not because we had less. the general sentiment in kashmir is of like what seem like god i think i think it's also that by god is not only like if we go on ground what people tell us is that they have seen a lot of oppression in recent years like in two thousand you see in two to twenty eighteen like a lot of people a day care like it was to thirty doubleclick one hundred fifty civilians and then there were more there was more in their houses and these lake recent killing the intensity of these artists and now you see that the major the hardline policies of b.g.p. government in in kashmir they think it's no point the world because. it's not going to change your situation it's not going to change good lives. you know what i mean
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you mentioned earlier that the intensity of this boycott seems to have increased in the past few years and that's actually something that we're seeing online so i wanted to share a few anecdotes from at least three people who explain why they are not voting the first is art on twitter and she says i didn't vote because i didn't want to be a part of the statistic that indian politicians use to justify their illegal occupation of kashmir another person junaid on twitter says we don't care which party it is they're all the same for us we want to raise our voice for a boycott so that the international community will see that kashmiris are rejecting indian democracy and then the last one is via video com and this is from a student in kashmir his name is omar is that these an engineering student and here's why he's not voting. regarding elections. just like this and the start of the. right to self-determination they're going to. probably still see this in the donation and inside so. someone is it.
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my boy to me to my. son from good education for a. long winded. so shall he says this would legitimize military rule you heard the anecdotes from people there who seem very discontent and yet you started your own political party talk to us about that seeming disconnect why people there don't seem to have that same enthusiasm that you do. i have a slight disagreement with the we elect will mainstream is often seen here while i do agree with the court on that this electoral process is at times misused to me be kind of portree normalcy in kashmir or to portree elections as an endorsement of the stats call. but then at the same time i believe that you know saying that the
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international community is very naive and they do not understand the ground realities and fish meat and they can be maybe misled into believing that that participation in the electoral politics is the endorsement of the steps called i think that's also something which i need to question. but i do believe that by court has been a regular feature of the elections and wish me. the intensity of by court which we saw in this election and the elections last couple of fears that has been unprecedented and has more to do with the policies of the central government which we saw the last four to five years the extreme shift of the policy of the right wing towards a hardline military approach to resolution to conflict management and yes national had to sing about to say something i have to push back a little bit on that because i think that the numbers that we need to remember here are seventeen ninety and sixty five these are the numbers of polling booths that
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actually recorded zero vote now if as a voter anywhere in the world you try to imagine that there's a democratic exercise and nobody goes to vote at a booth then i think that is significant and elections country to what is claimed as a festival of democracy in kashmir that a very grotesque carnival of securitisation hours have to be restricted the end guy landscape the chad you look the elections is structured because that there needs to be enough security forces to be able to carry it out so what does that tell us if elections are held under such conditions and it's a i think supremely ironic that elections are claimed as something that gives legitimacy to the government it's a process of eliciting consent but in contrast to that there is there's a complete lack of people's engagement and a lack of consensus and on the very need to have elections before anything else is properly addressed it's not as if there are the elections and then something else that will also. place in fact the something else that is happening is the arbitrary
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closure of highways to civilians on specific dates closure of trade in the last few days talks of the appealing article three seventy an article thirty five a so me that at the same time is used as a rallying cry for the right wing extremists in india and why media is our object you know i made abject and and what party between this devil you know this rock and a hard place that situation where a vote if you know if no boat then they are merely you know see putting a stamp of approval on their own oppression and the lack of any political component to either democracy or development and if they don't then there is a war doesn't operation and you know and people don't realize that many of those who do vote also end up with a specific new patrimonial client list reasons because they may be related to their leaders josh i believe you know elections have been happening in spite of what we keep on saying for last seventy years the participation in the elections has been
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you know going up and going down we have seen that sort of role of course to which the elect little participation has gone through so while i do agree that at this moment the electoral mainstream is going through a serious lets to mysie crisis more so because we have not been able to deliver the very we have been you know telling people in problems and people that you know coming elections are going to provide you resolutions but then at the same time i think there is a huge constituency of people who still believe in electoral politics and who believe that maybe electoral politics can still be constructively to meet the engagement it's just sort of successes that i know i know that you can't vote but who from other guys have actually voted or decided they weren't going to vote if you don't mind me asking that i had a hand up so we can all say here ok. i mean for the first time in my life right i am not loaded ever in my life this was the first election in which
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a party because i didn't leave i want to be very candid you did not take it out and tell us why to tell us why if you did vote or you didn't tell us why because it's not easy to vote if you're in kashmir and general it's a very difficult situation to be able to do that. no i did not would because. it is farcical it was a bit of a bigger question between the two are that if schmidt is an opposition can we build an occupation democracy exist i mean i'm in love to hear her you know that elections have happened as powerful that governments have been pawned people have participated or sometimes by quite as happened in the months have been. a result you govern only i think above. little and think that they are looking. i think one thing i see on the ground what is there they think now they cannot be
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fooled they have become politically wary of it and they see these mainstream local leaders who promise you know who should know benefits will promise new beginnings these see them as an extension of the same brutal rule that's why they should did this interest to help even if you see today there was an election going on in the south and what was on that all the situation was there you will see you can hardly find a civilian annoying on the lord's it's only you know military policemen from one another please and what kind of election is that really do not ensure the movement of civilians on on the roads like people think people not elections are taken just a whole reduce it at all and no one will lay people hard to go toward and even if those who go to war they think they just want you know they have been promised benefits and next time they also end up in the same desperate situation who exactly i think are at least. going to speak i think that there is there is this kind of
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circularity to the trail of expectations so i mean i applaud you for taking that leap into electoral politics and it's interesting that he did not vote before that and i think that in itself is quite telling but now having done so i mean one does realize that this. this kind of circle of just be trade expectations that continues and could point about the occupation is really important because you know let's let's just take these words is democracy just procedurally holding of elections if it's anything more than that then how is it possible that in a place where which is you know which is called a democracy how is it possible that emergency powers legislation exists for decades on end how is it possible that there is just ubiquitous militarization again to your viewers i would ask them to imagine you know going out on streets where. every few hundred meters you see you know soldiers with guns you see. evidence of militarization everywhere you see these vehicles you see people that would
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literally trigger how is that in any definition you know how is that indicative of a democracy i'm not i'm not contesting the fact that elections are say are not a part of you know democratic exercise the are important but democracy has to be something more than procedural and what we have instead is just this new medical focus on numbers on you know on a kind of like obsession with the edits magick the permutations and combinations that can somehow get people into power but what what then that i have to be. taught i think you raised a good point and it brings me to the street that i'm seeing and i want to get in here because i will hear of sums of what you were saying he says in kashmir the electoral process is nothing but a security operation in the ninety's people were forced at gunpoint to vote and today it is expanded from over or over into a kind of a subtle corpsmen patronage and co-option that is one take on this but i wanted to
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share with you you to comment we got live this is someone who says that al-jazeera is being biased right now in supporting pakistan not showing how kashmir militants stop or threaten people against voting so i'll give this one to you what do you what would you say to this person are you to says that we're not showing both sides of the story and there are other reasons why people weren't out there to vote. if you see the elections. on. and for a mega does not have militancy there was no boycott but you have only seven percent people. who are in a good is also less militarized as compared to themselves so if people in freedom without the pressure of militants without the pressure by court campaign are choosing to buy court what does it tell you i think these three little boys or is the bigger government or the electoral process because we
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understand also why people in north and south in the rural areas are voting because of their vulnerabilities. enumerable a little bit because of the people which they vote they also feel that there has to be a buffer between armed forces the indian armed forces and the people of kashmir and they think of these politicians. as. sometimes who would save them from the wrath of the indian armed forces doesn't resign i want to play inverse comment if somehow it actually. residents of that town and on a personal level and he was using strategy it was a strategic site have a listen to what is out there is like a korean model if we boycott the polls it will only benefit the b j t the government of india wants us to boycott the election they are creating unrest because they want to be j.p. to come into power only cast my votes to keep the b j p at bay as they have
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suppressed the kashmiris. a refund. and that five test said the reason i am voting is because of what the b j p say they may well do to jim and kashmir so by not putting i you helping that to happen they asked to debate a possible saying we will consolidate india kashmir make that part of india so rather than being an autonomous toiletry going to be part of india that's what they say they want to and they're using perhaps this election as a referendum on that if you didn't so i cannot help it i think it's not about helping or not helping. me i have never wanted me did anyone in my family has warded so i didn't even think about ward being but there are some people who think that if the they want to. go through syria and be the one to war that but
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that's a really small fictional people. but let's talk to people they have actually lost in the democracy the whole last elections they have completely you know dad must be eliminated from the mainstream politics even if you know new leaders emerge and the rum is them new day showed them new dreams they will give them benefits but the they have completely you know they didn't show any interest in all those things so i think we got to be as well i'm moving favorite artists and speaking of losing faith i wanted to share this because she said something similar that kashmir has always been used as a tool by mainstream politicians to harvest votes from the rest of india the fact is most of the people in india aren't aware about the ground reality of the relentless information warfare which meanders the true nature of the conflict and so i want to show you this article this headline here and here are you trying to get in there natasha this headline is from arnold t.v.
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. he talked missionaries who said they feel like they are a campaign prop but they're still voting here because sent us a video comment i'd like you to have a listen to. the thing that worries me really about these election is that how kashmiris have been rendered a sort of campaign perhaps across me a man india for example to grand isle votes to appeal to their nationalist base. someone from the holding party in india sees that a bit have given full authority to go to the security forces without any question in kashmir and this has real life consequences on kashmir whose. not just in kashmir but across weak mainland india third question what are those real life consequences. well i think the ground reality here is that there is militarization there is you know there's death by like a thousand obstructions every day ranging from communication studio days to
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environmental degradation to corruption and all of that is enabled within that wider structure which cannot be changed until and unless there is an honest acknowledgement of the fact that there is a problem which is under assault and what is staggering is that india wish me to be used as a mobilization as i said and as your viewer said further right wing without any acknowledgement and you know and that person is right it's not just ignorance and malice it is but it's all it's not just ill will and malice but it's also a lot of ignorance because you know the televisual media landscape there is so narrow and state centric that it would never show people the reality unless you know so in that sense i think soon i got it's really a million miles away from from delhi or from anywhere else because people have no idea of what it's like if they were due to actually know a bit more i think that would change and channels like yours would not be accused of bias because these are precisely the sorts of conversations we should be having
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everything english media is not about pakistan i mean you know there's there's a whole range of issues that anything thinking person would get about and they range from you know now from freedom to one end to the road on the other and to corruption and this is not an era we don't even get to watch the term a little fish meal that's basically the crisis which we are talking about when i. went to fort you talked about democracy i said more than the democracy it was more about survival for us but the kind of lot of the right wing which we have seen in the last few years the crisis when it comes to a group creation of article thirty five articles seventy the. international audience you want to three seventy i know as is the article where these agendas are truly. has a special status and the other one and that's part of the indian constitution the other one obsolete article twenty five. it's little wonder slash will state that
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only people from kashmir can own property outside of cannot. property and that is potentially being threatened by the pain so we have seen we have seen on the civilian bomb and on the national highway which is the only link that connects me to the rest of the world so the heart will go down with it that's connected to what . i have as well as i'm just i'm just going people a little bit of context so that they can follow along i guess let me just ask because out of all of it he feels like the most optimistic out of all of you that he's in election something. that reminds us literally impaired thank you i really was that was done to us this you know i understand that this is a big step you know knowing how trust has been fractured what he's doing is a big step but then the question is if you rely upon local politicians here to actually stop and stem the be tippy you know influence of the p.d.p.
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how does that square with the fact that it is bush media mainstream politicians that have anybody that if you look at the whole b b b b you know the other suggestion i want to answer that almost at the end of the show. i completely agree with the president so you know phase of destruction which we are witnessing in the credit completely goes to the electoral mainstream completely cannot dispute but then when it comes to the future life of society as a people i mean we just cannot be disappointed and we can all just feel that nothing is going to work i mean some gastro you are actually we want to. but i don't i mean what you want. but a little political pipe used by people who are fighting election beer are the ones who are going to change which means you to i think they're part of the. you got them they have got to be good to the problems you're not the only one the first one who has seen him do want after white goods there have been many you know that in
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those in the past as well but they're going to be political leadership because voting will be done because we call it what you have been able to use to good election will come out of kenya that we want you but i think but my question is i'm going to i'm going to ask you just to hold on to your question and we will continue our conversation online because there's so much to talk about one talk about john the kashmir thank you guess for helping us get up to date with where you are in the elections right now and the issues that you care about moving on to malaysia and our final word i'll give it to martha who says that after a well known young bureaucrat say facebook face or join politics it has made some you theme marriage in electoral politics as a means to achieve political concessions to india to some props there are conversations continue always online you can find us on twitter that at a tasty c.-max time thanks for watching.
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thanks. how if you changed since you asserted. the. charting the lives of the children of apartheid over twenty one yes each story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight. south africa part one on al-jazeera. when the news breaks.
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when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told closeout it out to all of them with the exclusive interview very dangerous for journalists to the editor is publishers all around the world and in-depth reports are real big canadian forces there with al-jazeera as teams on the ground are not my world to bring you more reward winning documentaries and life means. people have to weigh your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a two state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we've all seen already i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't black and white there's lots of grays in here join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here on al-jazeera.
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and go. hello norm traitor nandan the top stories on our jazeera sri lanka's president says he will sack security chiefs in the wake of the easter sunday bombings bust after it was revealed intelligence agencies were tipped off about the imminent attacks two weeks before they took place total death toll from sunday's attacks has risen to three hundred twenty one largely reports from colombo. a seemingly innocent moment a man with a backpack strolls casually into the st sebastian church in a gunboat he pats a child on the head and enters the building this security camera footage shows a suspected bomber one of several who carried out the attacks across three cities in st lanka on sunday officials have admitted there were.


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